Surf Boat Rowing

It’s been around a very long time, and is as iconic to lifesaving as the red and yellow uniform! Starting in 1908, surf boat rowing was adapted from the days when lifesavers rowed wooden boats out into the waves to rescue stranded swimmers. While that is not a practice used today, surf boats have definitely lasted the test of time.

A boat crew is made up of 5 members, four rowers and a sweep. The sweep stands at the back of the boat and steers using a long oar. The remaining four crew members have one oar each – it’s their job to haul the craft out through the swell.

Surf boat rowing is full of thrills and spills, with no one race the same as the next.

To get involved in a crew (u19 and above), you will need to be an active member of TSLSC, which means holding a current Bronze Medallion award.

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