Here’s the templates for designing your 2023 Nippers Champs Stickers!

We have a PDF and a PNG editable version depending on which you prefer. We also have a PDF version for printing out and hand drawing!

Editable PNG Version

Editable PDF Version

PDF Version for PRINTING, hand drawing and dropping at the club

* Submit your design as a JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, PDF or TIFF
* The design needs to be at least 1920×1920 resolution (preferably at 300dpi)
* Send your design to
* [email protected]
* A template of the sticker can be downloaded from:
* If you prefer, you can hand draw your design on an A4 piece of paper and drop it to the club. We’ve provided a template that you can print out or you can take an A4 piece of paper, draw a 10cm circle on the page and design away. Make sure your name and contact details are on the paper and hand it in at the office. DON’T FOLD OR CREASE THE PAPER!
* The final design will be printed on a 10cm Round Sticker and we will resize or crop the design to fit if needed
* We may also add extra writing or design elements to the design so that it is uniquely identifiable as a Torquay Surf Life Saving Club Sticker
* The design has to be uniquely yours and if you include any pictures, they have to be yours too!
* The Torquay Surf Life Saving Club Director’s Committee will decide the winning design and we’ll notify the winner before making a public announcement. All judgements are final
* By submitting your design, you give permission for the club to use it in any way and in perpetuity
* If you prefer, we can refrain from identifying you as the winner by name, but all submissions need to include your name and contact information
* All members of the club are eligible to submit as many designs as you wish
* Entries close 17:00 15th April 2023