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Jim Wall Events Schedule


TSLSC Jim Wall Events Schedule 2016

Marshalling will be at 9 am. Entries can be made on line. Registration open from 7:30 am at the TSLSC on Saturday January 9th 2016. Events will run as outlined weather permitting.
U17 Female Run Swim Run
U17 male Run Swim Run
Open Female Run Swim Run
Open Male Run Swim Run
U17 female Board
U17 Male Board
Open Female Board
Open Male Board
U17 Female Ski
U17 Male Ski
Open Female Ski
Open Male Ski
U17 Female Surf Race
U17 Male Surf Race
Open Female Surf Race
Open Male Surf Race
Open Female Double Ski
Open Male Double Ski
Open Female Board Relay
Open Male Board Relay
Open Female Ski Relay
Open Male Ski Relay
U17 Female Taplin Relay
U17 Male Taplin Relay
Open Female Taplin Relay
Open Male Taplin Relay
U17 Jim Wall Iron Woman
U17 Jim Wall Iron Man
Open Female Jim Wall Iron Woman
Open Male Jim Wall Iron Man
U17 Female Beach Flags U 17 Male Beach Flags
Open Female Beach Flags Open Male Beach Flags