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The dates for the 2016/17 Summer Holiday program are as follows:


Session number and times:

                                    Information Evening and BBQ;

                                    Wednesday 28th December     4pm - 7pm

Session 1              Thursday 29th December 2016               9.00am-11.00am    
Session 2              Friday 30th December 2016                     4.00pm-6.00pm     
Session 3              Tuesday 3rd January 2016                      9.00am-11.00am  

State Junior Carnival #2                                                         Cosy Corner Carnival   Friday 6th January 2017

Session 4              Sunday 8th January 2017                          9.00am-11.00am  
Session 5              Monday 9th January 2017                          9.00am-11.00am   
Session 6              Wednesday 11th January 2017                  4.00pm-6.00pm     
Session 7              Friday 13th January 2017                           4.00pm-6.00pm    
Session 8              Sunday 15th January 2017                          9.00am-11.00am  
Presentation       Sunday 15th January 2017                            4.00pm-6.00pm    

Please note all memberships are processed on line.  For details on how to join or renew your membership to be part of the Nipper program please email

Nipper Enquiries: EMAIL